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Hi! Welcome to my permanent sales/auctions/offers post! I figured that it's about time I made one of these and see how it goes.


Sales Policy
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched from April 2013.
Feedback is here.
I will not sell to anybody banned from PKMNCollectors.
I only accept payment through PayPal.
All prices are in USD.
Payments are required within 24 hours after total is given unless prior arrangements have been made.
If you are allergic to dogs or dust, please only buy at your own risk! I can lint roll items before shipping them, but it will not be perfectly clean.
Backing out of commitments will be reflected in a negative feedback, and possibly a ban from my sales.
Please refrain from discussing prices here. You will be banned for doing so.
Commitments have priority. Asking for a quote first does not mean that you are first in line for an item, so I will not wait for a response. I will still give quotes to others who ask for it, and the first to commit will get the item. Exceptions to this rule can be made such as in the following circumstances:

  • A buyer who inquires about a lot with an item X will be given priority over a buyer who will commit to only item X.

Haggling/offers are now allowed.
Ani243ODS.pngIf you want details about the condition of an item, please ask before you commit.
I am not accepting trades at this time.
Ani243ODS.pngUnless the price says "SHIPPED", all prices are before shipping and are always before PayPal fees.

Shipping Policy
I ship from Australia and can ship internationally.
Shipping can take anywhere from 2-7 days after payment is received.
Any orders over $100 and any orders shipping to Canada will require tracking.
Once a package has been shipped, I am no longer responsible for what happens to it.
If you require insurance, please inform me before sending payment.
Ani244ODS.pngBulk shipping is available, but you would need to wait until I confirm that at least three people would want bulk shipping.

Auction / Offers Policy
No deleting or editing bids! Please consult with me first!
Ani245ODS.pngNO SNIPING! The 5 minute extension rule applies.

  • The first bid made within the last 5 minutes will extend the allocated time by another 5 minutes.

  • Any subsequent bids made after the allocated time will keep the end time 5 minutes from the timestamp of said bid.

  • Example: Allocated end time for auction is 9PM. Person A bids at 8:56PM, which the auction is then extended to 9:05PM. Person B then bids at 9:01PM, which the auction then extends until 9:06PM.

Offers can end early once someone offers a price that I am willing to accept.
All auctions and offers will end on Friday, March 25th 2016, at 9am ACDT. Countdown is here.
Deleting bids or offers will result in a negative feedback and possibly a ban from future auctions.


DSC00244 (Custom).pngDSC00247 (Custom).pngDSC00246 (Custom).png
DSC00245 (Custom).png
DSC00249 (Custom).pngDSC00248 (Custom).pngDSC00251 (Custom).png
136071_original (Custom).png163300_original (Custom).jpg
IMG_2187 (Custom).JPG

All items above are mint with tag! All tags differ in condition. If you are concerned about that, please ask first before committing!

For sale: (If something is not listed from the photos above, that means that it is not available at this time. Feel free to ask though :))
Shaymin (Sky Forme) - $30 Sold!
Chikorita - $30 Sold!
Bulbasaur - $40 Sold!
Chespin - $12
Treecko (10th anniversary ver.) - $35
Croagunk - $35 Sold!
Mudkip (10th anniversary ver.) - $35 Sold!
Marill - $70 Sold!
Gizamimi Pichu - $25 Sold!
Squirtle(10th anniversary ver.) - $35 Sold!
Scraggy - $10 Sold!
Shinx - $45 Sold!
Ducklett - $10
Oshawott - $20 Sold!
Fennekin - $12
Froakie - $12
Axew - $10
Charmander (10th anniversary ver.) - $35
Torchic (10th anniversary ver.) - $35
Happiny - $35 Sold!
Pachirisu - $35 Sold!
Latias - $40 Sold!
Latios - $40 Sold!
Pikachu (10th anniversary ver.) - $35 Sold!
Teddiursa (2002 ver.) - $80 Sold!
Lickilicky - $45
Cherrim - $50 Sold!
Emolga - $25 Sold!
Substitute - $25 Sold!
Audino - $20
Inkay - $10
Buneary - $35 Sold!
Pancham - $20 Sold!
Helioptile - $20
Gogoat - $20
Cinccino - $20 Sold!
Clauncher - $15
Tyrunt - $15
Dedenne - $20 Sold!
Swirlix - $20
Deoxys (Attack Forme, 2013 ver.) - $30 Sold!
Slowpoke - $25
Fletchling - $20 Sold!
Togekiss - $50 Sold!
Togepi - $55 Sold!
Darkrai - $40
Cresselia - $45 Sold!
Spiritomb - $45 Sold!
Golden Magikarp - $60 Sold!
Jirachi - $40
Victini - $30
Mewtwo - $30 Sold!
Chatot - $50 Sold!
Genesect (Normal/Shiny) - $20 each Sold!
Meloetta (Aria/Pirouette) - $45 each Sold!
Giratina (Origin Forme) - $65 Sold!
Bidoof - $70 Sold!
Mismagius - $70 Sold!
Lucario (US ver.) - $30 Sold!
Salamence - $300
Metagross - $120 Sold!
Natu - $120 Sold!
Wooper - $100 Sold!
Smoochum - $500 Sold!
Spheal - $250 Sold!
Corphish - $200 Sold!
Meloetta (Aria/Pirouette) TTO - $25 each Sold!
Zorua - $25
Buizel - $70 Sold!
Delphox - $25 Sold!
Ambipom TTO - $28 Sold!
Bulbasaur PlushPlush TTO - $100

Pokédoll keychains - $400 each
Wobbuffet Sold!
Celebi Sold!

DX Pokédolls
- These items are all up for sale unless specified.

[DX Pokédolls]image.jpeg
Daisuki Club DX Arceus (MWT incl. official note and box) - $350 Sold!

DX DIalga & Palkia (MWT) - $90 each Sold!

IMG_1978 (Custom).JPG
Oversized Xerneas & Yveltal (MWT) - $25 each

DX Darkrai (TTO) - $95

Daisuki Club DX Shaymin (TTO) - $250 OBO Sold!

Miscellaneous Items

[Misc. Items]

Pokemon Clear Cubes - $2 each
Sold: Spinda

BEAMS Shiny Pikachu - $30
Pokemon Center Wailord - $70 OBO
Spring Eevee UFO - $15 Sold!
Laying Eevee - $25 Sold!
Knitted Pikachu - $10 Sold!
DX Fuzzy Raichu - $50 *dirt/stains present* Sold!
DX Fuzzy Pikachu - $10 *dirt/stains/smell present* Sold!

Movie 13 Pencil Case (feat. Zoroark and Johto Legendary Beasts) - $10
BW Starters Cleafile (x2) - $5 each
Ichiban Kuji 2012 Pokedoll Figures - $12 each or $80
Pokemon Car Sun Shade - $15

Pokedoll figures available

Pokemon Daisuki Club Promo Cards - $3 each

ANA Airline Promo Cards - $15 for the set

Pokedoll Stickers (MIP) - $18 for set *will only split individually if each are committed to*
Alder/Wallace/Falkner Bookmarks - $2 each
Pokemon Lab Kanto Starter code inserts (codes are already used) - $2 each
Birthday ribbon sticker - Free Sold!

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions!
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